5 Qualities of Your Cupcake Boxes That Make a Huge Difference

download (49)Every cupcake producer knows the importance of using the cupcake boxes. These boxes are not just provided to protect the fragile and mouth watering desert from damages, but they offer some benefits, which can help to enhance the value of your cupcake brand. With the large volume of cupcake in the market, people become more interested when given cupcakes that are packaged in unique cupcake boxes. They see the cupcakes more than food item and of course, the packaging boxes add more appeal to the product.

1. Special window

To you as the manufacturer of the product, it is just a design but this design has a huge impact to your brand and business. With the window design on your boxes, cupcake lovers can easily see how enticing your mouth watering cupcake looks and this might entice cupcake lovers to buy them. They don’t have to tear off your packaging boxes to see what is inside you or open them either, the window or die-cut design will give them the opportunity to take a full glimpse of your mouth watering desert. However, the window design

Is The SBA Truly Looking Out For Small Business? No

download (48)The SBA or Small Business Administration just doesn’t seem to understand the challenges for smaller companies or first-time entrepreneurs. Their focus is on educating new market entrants to all the regulations and rules they must comply with, and helping these businesses secure loans, when what the SBA ought to really be working on ways to reduce the over-regulation on American Businesses, especially the smallest firms. Okay so let’s talk shall we? And, no this isn’t a hit piece on the SBA, there has been enough negative press for that wasteful agency and their dismal performance over the years.

You see, recently I read an interesting piece in the Wall Street Journal titled; “SBA Chief Focuses on Access – Maria Contreras-Sweet aims to modernize the agency and help out underserved groups,” by Ruth Simon. The article stated how they were building the online dating version for SBA loans where small business owners would answer questions and then be matched with the most applicable lenders. Apparently, access to capital has been cited by the SBA as the number one reason why smaller companies fail, or do

Why You Want to Create a Unique Culture in Your Team

download (47)I was having coffee and cake with a colleague recently and took this photo of the courtyard at the café we visited. It had a very relaxed feel to it and we even spied the owner taking a delivery of some potting mix to do some work on his vertical garden. We know because he came over and chatted to us about it. Whilst there are lots of other cafes nearby that my colleague could have chosen, I’m glad he picked this one as it had a unique feel to it. I will definitely be going back when I am next in the area.

So how does my experience at the café relate to you as a team leader or small business owner?

I think too many leaders are missing out on an opportunity to create a unique culture in their team. Instead, they are too busy focusing on how to compete with others. You see it in cafes all the time. Most of them fit a certain style, almost as though they were designed by the same person. This can make them feel rather

Era Of Cockroach Startup

images (28)As much as we abhor cockroaches, they have become the flavor of today’s startup ecosystem because of their sheer resilience to wither storms. But what has that got to do with investor sentiments?! A lot, it seems and that is how the startup world has coined the term Cockroach startup.

While until 2015, investors threw money at Unicorn companies valued at $1 billion or more, this year it seems to be the turn of Cockroach startups that are built on strong business fundamentals, those that are scalable faster and have strong business models. In other words, startups that can wither adverse business climate, sustain on frugal feeds (read low, calibrated funding), plough earnings back into revenue growth, and require relatively lesser funding to run their businesses.

In the Indian healthcare sector, Practo, NetMeds, Goqii, Lybrate and 1mg have been some of the most talked about investments in recent times. Funds like Ratan Tata-backed Tiger Capital, Sequoia, Angel investors, Norwest Venture Partners etc. have invested collectively invested up to USD 300 M in startups in just one year and have helped entrepreneurs stand amongst the league

Why Relying On Clients Is Dangerous

images (27)What are you selling?

A product or service?

If it’s a service, you might want to be careful. Especially if you rely on just a few clients to make your living.

Let me tell you a story…

There’s a copywriter I know who charges high fees.

He’s got a retainer model going with a few clients. They pay him monthly and he writes them a sales letter whenever they want one.

But a few months ago, he found himself in a bit of trouble. Because he lost two of his three big clients in the same month. It really was a huge drop in income and something he never saw coming.

Anyway, after a bit of panicking, I told him to calm down and there was most definitely a solution to all off this…

So I told him to start selling information products.

Info products are absolutely fantastic to sell. I mean, they cost literally nothing to put together (just a bit of your time), yet you can sell them for whatever price you wish.

Anyway, if this copywriter did start selling info products himself, there would then be less pressure on

How Small Businesses Can Dominate Their Niche – Best Small Business Tip For Success

download (46)I know how you feel.

It’s not easy running a small business. There’s a ton of competition out there, and it’s tough knowing how to stand out.


There really is a killer (and very simple) way to stand out from the crowd like a fart in an elevator…

But before I tell you what it is, you have to promise me one thing.

You will actually implement this advice. Because if you do, your small business should make a lot more money.

Do we have a deal?

You say we do? Good. Let us proceed.

The best way to stand out is this:

Make sure you specialize in just ONE specific field/area.

I guarantee almost none of your competitors are doing this. Instead, they’re marketing themselves as being “specialists” in all different sorts of things.

For example, when I started out my business in the fitness niche, every other personal trainer said something like: “I specialize in weight loss, muscle gain, over 50s fitness, general fitness, sport-specific fitness… ” You get the picture.

It’s quite clear to see, they didn’t actually “specialze” in anything at all.

Yet I positioned myself as an “over 40s

Small Business Storage

images (26)Small businesses that have just started or run by the family were highly regarded in the olden times. Everyone and anyone that passed out of college were drilled to learn the craft of business and pass it on to the next generation. In developing countries, small businesses contribute a lot to the economy. When a company now starts, they always have a good amount of inventory stocked up. Therefore in big cities and towns, business companies look to store their goods in warehouses on the outskirts. Easy to transport with minimum time lost.

Renting a business storage space has become a great alternative rather than keeping your inventory in the backroom of your store. Who could benefit from such a service? Well it could be an ideal solution for, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, medical appliances and medicine. If you look up on the Internet there are plenty of storage spaces within the city. These warehouses are light on the pocket and offer you other additional services to the business. A lot of these warehouses offer a lease on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. They

Laser Engraving Business – Is It Right for You?

images (25)A laser engraving business is a very profitable business you can start from your home. Have you ever thought of it? If you are looking for a way of pulling out of formal employment, laser engraving offers a great opportunity for you to venture into business. If you are so creative, laser engraving business is right for you. Even if you are not naturally a creative person, the laser will enable you to develop your creativeness.

What’s laser engraving?

Laser engraving is simply the marking and cutting of materials using a laser system. A laser system works like a printer. A laser is a raw beam or heat energy directed to a specific area where an engraving is performed. It takes seconds for a laser beam to create a permanent engraving on any material.

There are many companies that manufacture laser engraving machines worldwide. But the best laser systems I have known are made in the USA. That’s where the laser engraving technology started and spread in the rest of the world. If you need a laser engraving system that won’t frustrate you, I recommend buying

Writing Your Business Plan (Traditional or Online Business)

download (44)How To Write A Business Plan

In my previous article, I talked about how you can plan your business startup. I defined a business plan as a written description of the future of your business. This is a document that indicates what you intend to do and how you intend to do it. I further explained that if all you have is a paragraph on the back of an envelope describing your business strategy, you have written a plan, or at least the beginning of a plan. I also said that a business plan consists of a narrative and several financial worksheets.

I mentioned that the ‘writing of a business plan’ as one of the pivotal steps involved in setting up a successful business. By now you should understand the need for writing a business plan. Writing a business plan, for a traditional brick and mortar business, will probably take a lot of time. It may take up to 100 hours or even more. For obvious reasons, a new business needs to carry out a lot of research before a business plan can even be

Use of Lynda For Your Small Business

download (43)You might be new to Lynda.com. To give a brief explanation, it is a site with videos dedicated to learning professional skills on many subject matters. In the field of business, there are several videos on sales, advertising, and business management. As you go through each video in its entirety, you have the option of posting it on your Twitter, Linkedln, or Facebook. As you will read in this article, that will prove to be a tremendous advantage to helping your small business. This article will look at two key ways that Lynda.com videos will ultimately help your business improve and prosper.

#1: You Get To Post On Your Social Media Sites That You’ve Viewed These Videos

One of the most important keys to success in a business as owner is building your credibility as a business owner. People will pay attention to your social media profiles, especially your Linkedln profile to determine your credibility. If you manage to complete and post videos concerning sales and/or advertising, you demonstrate to those watching that you have some training in that area. This will help build your

Tips for Planning Your Business Startup

download (45)Starting a business can be a very daunting adventure if a proper plan is not put in place. Most entrepreneurs start up their businesses without putting adequate plans in place to succeed. No wonder one out of every five businesses crumbles within 5 years! If one thing should be taken very seriously, it should be your business plan. This is your “blueprint for success.”

Every business begins from a thought. A thought or idea can only become reality when expected actions are taken. When an idea is conceived, the logical corollary is that such ideas need to be written out, in black and white and on paper; or else the idea will fade off when the enthusiasm that the thought initially brought subsides. Hence, having a written business plan is pertinent if your business is to stand the test of time.

Now, what is a Business Plan?

One definition, according to entrepreneur.com, is that a business plan is a “written description of the future of your business; a document that indicates what you intend to do and how you intend to do it.” If you notice

One Of The Biggest Dangers Facing Small Businesses – My Tip And Advice For The Small Business Owner

download (42)A quote from an interview with the head of a growing company.

Journalist asks:

-“So how many employees are working in your company?”

-“Approximately half of them… ”

Okay okay, it’s a rubbish joke.

It’s clear I won’t be doing standup anytime soon.

But anyway, even though this is supposed to be a joke, it is still something that’s very relevant to you if you employ people. (Or if you’re thinking of employing anyone in the future.)

Look, I don’t want the hassle of employing anyone.

But then again, I don’t have any burning desire to be a multi-millionaire. I’m very happy making good money whilst having a lot of free time; something which owners of multi-million dollar companies don’t get.

If you do want to be a multi-millionaire though, then doing it as a one-man-band is going to be pretty much impossible. At some stage, you’re probably going to have to start hiring.

Heck, even if you just want to leverage your time better, hiring employees could be a smart thing to do. I mean, a lot of small businesses hire employees.

But I just want to warn you that a lot

10 Easy Ways You Need To Know To Grow A Business

download (40)How many months have you been investing in your business to see no results?

Here’s the interesting thing I’ve learned from being in business and coaching other small businesses to grow.

All the marketing and sales strategies work… in their own time.

Chances are that you have worked hard and doing the ‘right’ things to grow your business. You just have focused on the big sexy strategies that bring in business in the long-term, but have you hearing crickets in the short-term.

If that’s you, know this – you aren’t alone. In fact 85% of the businesses I work with are doing the same. If they can change things around and see results in the next 90 days – you can too. Here are the top 10 ways you can grow a business easily and quickly.

1. Balance out your marketing mix to include short-term (results in 90 days), medium (results in 90-180 days) and long-term (results in 180+ days).

2. Be more active in your marketing. If you wait for your phone to ring, you need to do more marketing that boosts your “Know, Like & Trust Factor”.

How Cloud ERP Small Businesses Are Making the World a Better Place

download (41)As small businesses expand it is important that while growing, they must attempt to maintain efficiency and minimize cost. ERP systems are an excellent starting point in helping to achieve this aim.

Once, the ERP software was only available to larger businesses and organizations, but now businesses of all sizes can benefit from Enterprise Resource Planning. Small businesses may even benefit the most from ERP implementation.

A constant flow of information from all areas of the business will ensure the simplification of business processes throughout.

As all payment and shipping details are entered into the same ERP system, there no longer needs to be approval from the accounts team before ordering large shipments of the required product. It is easy to maintain inventory and purchasing timetables using ERP as all purchase and sales are recorded on the system.

As everything is recorded in real-time, the efficiency of the sales process is greatly improved along with customer service. Each employee is fed with the most relevant and up to date information at all times, giving a more comprehensive knowledge of the process. Sometimes this allows for employees to

What to Look for in a High Risk Credit Card Processing Company

download (39)If you have been deemed a high risk merchant, then you know just how hard it is to find a credit card processor. Your job is to find the right processor for your high risk merchant account. You really want to get it right from the first try so you don’t have to go through the process again and again. This is why smart merchants use professional high risk credit card processing companies. You need a professional agent and guide that will help you get approved quickly and easily.

Reliability Above All

Processing credit card payments is a serious business and you don’t want just anybody handling your merchant account. When you’re researching high risk merchant account services, make sure you start by talking to a risk professional. You don’t want someone whose sole background is with pizzerias and hair salons. You are looking for an experienced and reliable high risk credit card processing professional. You are looking for a processor with multiple solutions for your high risk industry. Speak to a real professional – don’t talk to a clerk.

Client Solutions

As a merchant in the

6 Top Tips for Business Start Ups


Cash flow is mega important and is the single most problem for small and developing businesses. Lack of cash flow is the number one reason for small businesses failures. Always make sure there is enough money in the bank to enable you to carry out the day-to-day basics needed to run your business. If cash flow is restricted then try raising funds from sources such as banks, family and friends, crowd sourcing or even local companies who often invest in small business for the benefits of publicity. If you know that you have a cash flow or liquidity issue you need to address it now as leaving it to chance or opportunity will lead to business failure. Far too many business owners run their business as an extension of their own personal finances. This is a really bad idea, learn to keep the two separate.


First of all, acknowledge that you don’t have the skills to do everything that you need to do to run a successful business. None

4 Simple Reasons to Recycle Your Electronics

download (38)Tech junkies love gadgets, and endless range of these gadgets hit the markets every few months – and it shall continue to be in trend for years to come. We notice different kinds of devices like newer smartphones, laptops/PCs, or any other electronic devices coming out every month, and evidently people are so ingrained into this habit such they will acquire these newer gadgets and give up (throw away) on their existing gadgets. But instead of doing away with your existing gadgets and simply throwing them off, why not put it to a good cause of electronic recycling?

Just to draw your attention – to recycle electronics is a great thing! It is not only good for consumers; it is also very useful for people who can’t always afford the latest and expensive gadgets. It also help for the nature. Read more on recycling electronics, its values and why you should dispose your old items more responsibly.

Dangerous and Toxic Substances

All electronics – PC/laptops, televisions, cellphones, batteries etc have toxic and dangerous chemicals that are either good for our health neither for our planet.

The Next in Textile

images (23)The textile manufacturing and the textile processing industry in India are one of the few sectors to generate skilled and unskilled employment in vast numbers. The textile industry renders direct employment to more than 35 million people and continues to be India’s second biggest sector when to it comes to generating new jobs for its countrymen.

As of 2016, India holds the number one ranking for jute production. The garment manufacturers in India are not too far behind either, with the country capturing a lion’s share of 63% of the global textile and garment markets. Today, we are counted amongst the top favourite markets for apparel retailers, thanks to AT Kearney’s ‘Retail Apparel Index’ which ranked India as the fourth most promising market for apparel retailers in 2009.

Since the opening of global trade in India in the early 1990s, plenty of major foreign textile companies have entered the Indian markets and have invested significantly or are working in the country. Brands like Marks & Spencer, Zara, Soktas, Zambiati, Bilsar, Benetton, Levi’s and Promod are doing business in India through a unique and symbiotic relationship

Exporters Directory – A Place to Find Verified Suppliers

images (22)In this fast moving highly competitive world, the biggest challenge in front of any buyer is to find the right seller. The sellers who are the manufacturers, suppliers, traders and exporters of the product are in big number. The challenge in front of the buyers is to find the genuine product supplier who offers the quality product at the best price. There are various possibilities to interact the sellers. Some of the possibilities are as follows: exhibitions, trade shows, B2B directories etc.

The most in demand and popular source for finding the suppliers in today’s time is a B2B directory. The B2B directories growing demand and usage is due to the following reasons: Being an online platform they are the fastest and the most convenient platform to look after the worldwide sellers. The sellers listed here can provide their product details, company profiles and the contact details.

The registrations in B2B normally, compromises of the three types:

1. Free registration Members
2. Verified Members
3. Gold/ Premium Members

The difference in three is on the basis of their package price they opted from the particular seller platform.

Most of What You Do Is Pointless (But That’s Actually Good News for Your Business)

download (37)Yeah, that subject line was pretty harsh, huh?

But don’t worry: most of what I do is pointless, too. Most of what we all do is pointless. Let me explain…

Way back in 1906, an Italian economist named Vilfredo Pareto noticed something remarkable: 80% of Italian land was owned by just 20% of the population. He was intrigued by this, so he did what any sensible economist would do and went to look closely at his garden.

There, Pareto observed 20% of the pea pods in his vegetable plot contained 80% of the peas. And so he named the 80/20 Principle.

The 80/20 Principle is a common rule in business and in life. (It won’t be exactly 80/20 – more like “big number/small number” – but you get the idea.)

For example:

• 80% of your profits come from 20% of your customers

• 80% of your headaches come from 20% of your customers

• 80% of your sales come from 20% of your products

• You wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time

• 20% of your carpets get 80% of the wear

And so on and so forth, in all